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Each treatment is individual and perfect for you, as Reiki has its own intelligence. It works on all levels - mind, body and soul.

The treatment – usually lasts around an hour, although on a first visit it will be slightly longer, as you will be asked for some details about yourself, and a short medical history will be taken. You, the client will be asked if you would like to be seated or lie whichever is the most comfortable. You are clothed, although you may wish to remove spectacles, contact lenses or a tie for example, to aid relaxation and comfort. I will place my hands on or above you, this is gentle and covers the bodies major organs and chakra centres. This may feel warm, tingly or cool. A person may feel different each time they have a treatment.

After the treatment, a clients experience will be as individual as they are. Some people will feel full
of energy, some experience tiredness. The treatment will detoxify so a person may feel flu or cold like symptoms. They may have a headache; this is all part of the healing process. It is also quite common that a client can be emotional and feel the need to cry, these again are all normal reactions, as the Reiki helps release emotions that we haven’t dealt with. Sometimes a client may feel nothing at all just rested and more positive.

It must be noted that Reiki practitioners are not medically trained and therefore cannot and will not diagnose a condition, it is the individuals responsibility to see a doctor if they have symptoms, the Reiki practitioner cannot make a diagnosis or offer a prognosis or advise. Reiki is a complimentary therapy as it does just that.

All enquiries, all treatments and patients details are treated with respect and in total confidence.

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