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Some of the benefits patients
have experienced after Reiki are:
  • Can create deep relaxation

  • Can reduce stress and anxiety

  • Has helped with depression

  • Has helped with grief

  • Can strengthen and support
    the immune system

  • Can balance the energies of the
    body and releases any blockages

  • Can help release toxins

  • Has helped relieve pain

  • Has helped to relieve headaches
    including migraines

  • Can promote a feeling of well-being

  • Has helped with insomnia,
    thereby aiding better sleep

  • Can assist in the recovery
    process from illness or injury

  • Can encourage and supports
    personal growth and development

  • Has reduced blood pressure

  • Has increased vitality and enables
    you to deal with everyday life

  • Can help raise the vibration within the body and can give a feeling of happiness and contentment
Reiki can help to induce calm and relaxation

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